TFT Safety Recall Payment


In coordination with Health Canada, and CPSC, this form is to indicate that the boilers with serial numbers submitted below have been successfully repaired using upgrade Kit #86118. The information provided in this form will be used for payments so accuracy is important.

For your commodity this form uses cookies to store information so that you don't have to retype the same data on every submission as long as you are using the same browser on the same device.

The form will be validated in two steps, before submission, and after submission. If an error occurs there will be indicators on the fields that need to be corrected.

If you have multiple submissions to make, after the first valid submission you will be able to resubmit as many times as needed having only to fill the serials up to ten on each submission, click on the capcha checbox and fill in the Statement panel. The data will be stored on the browser for future use for approximately one year.

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Payment Information

Would you prefer a mailed check (slow) or electronic payment (Quicker)?

Please fill out this form and email a copy to with the subject line "ELECTRONIC PAYMENT".

Boiler Information


By typing your initials below you are stating that the mandatory upgrade using Kit #86118 has been applied successfully to all boiler serial numbers being submitted which includes but is not limited to installing the new grommet seal, retaining band and reinstalling the flue sensor.

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